Jan 16

Hunks Dick Servicing Turns Into A Gay Tag Team

I’m sure many of you out there, along with myself have had fantasies of getting their lips wrapped around a sexy guys cock that you know you will never get to have. Well, this scene shows there are some straight men out there that can be convinced to let another dude suck them off and even go further! Read the rest of this entry »

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Jan 14

Cock Starving Hunk Blows A Hot Straight Guy Through A Gloryhole

Watch The Preview Of This New  Ungloryhole Video Here

Yet another straight bits the dust and unknowingly gets his first gay blowjob. For this new gloryhole video they get themselves a real hot catch. This hot young college hunk is told by another dude that there is a hot girl who sucks some mean dick in the back room of this porn shop. It isn’t long before the camera joined him in that same back room with his jeans are down as he slams his hard cock through the hole in the wall. Little does this sexy muscle boy know that the mouth on the other side of that wall belongs to a cock starving beefy hunk! Once this dude spent his load from this amazing BJ he leaves the room with a big smile on his face. There goes another happy unsuspecting customer of the Ungloryhole!

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Jan 12

Scott Has His Ass Fucked By His Straight Best Friend

I’m sure there are many straight guys out there who have least one time in their life thought about having sex with their best male friend. That is what happen here when Scott convinced a best friend named Campbell from back home to come to a porn scene with a girl named Olivia on the Amateur College Sex. It was only a few days after Campbell’s first shoot when the offer of doing a gay scene was offered to him. When he found out they wanted to film a scene with him and his buddy Scott, he became even more nervous but after awhile both guys agreed to give it a go.  The result of these men being paired was nothing less then spectacular!  Read the rest of this entry »

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Jan 10

Shy Hairy Stud Starts By Jerks Beneath His Shorts

Hot stuff! Thats the best way to describe this fresh new 23 yr. old stud who was just featured on the CollegeDudes site. At the start of his debut video Eric Rollins seemed to be a bit of a shy guy but once he was stripped down to just his shorts Eric’s more wild exhibitionist side came shinning through. Eric’s hand quickly found it’s way down into his shorts where he began to pump up a nice big bone for us.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Jan 08

Five Guys All Service One Dudes Amazing Nude Body

See The Entire Video Of Garrett Getting Serviced By All Four Guys Here

Oh man, do I have a hot dick servicing video for you today. It’s the newest video from Straight Fraternity and it features five extremely horny guys get in on an orgy focusing all their craving desires on a cute college boy with a big uncut dick.  The scene starts out with the men drawing pieces of paper with an assigned part of Garrett’s body they are to focus on. Lucky Robbie get – cock, next up Dex draws – balls, Spence gets – nipples and last but not least Nikko draws – hairy ass. All five guys then get to work and strip Garrett down naked before they finally all strip.

Once each guy had worked themselves up a nice big boner it was Nikko that got Garrett on his back and spread his legs to be serviced. Each of them then went to work on their assigned area of Garrett’s sexy little body, as he closed his eyes to enjoy all the attention they where giving him. All that licking and sucking on every inch of his nude body brought Garrett to a climax rather quickly.  With some final help from Robbie’s skillful oral skills and a bit of jerking Garrett suddenly pumped out a nice healthy sized load of  jizz from his delicious uncut dick as all the other dudes jerked around him.

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Jan 06

Unsuspecting Protester Dude Gets His Virgin Ass Fucked

Craving some cock for the new year Galvin joins the BaitBus on their latest man hunt. The team spots a handsome Occupy protester at a Miami city park for their newest victom. His name is Johnny and it doesn’t take the team long to entice him into the bus with the offer of seeing some tits. Before he knows it he is naked and blindfolded expecting this girl to give him a blow job. He was loving his amazing dick sucking up until the point when he peaked and discovered a dude sucking him off. Johnny nearly loses it but it doesn’t take him long to calm down with the offer of some big cash to get his tight virgin ass fucked. Once his ass was open for business Galvin springs into action and sinks his stiff dick deep in this sexy dudes butthole. That bus really gets rocking as the muscular stud Galvin pounds away at Johnny’s ass.

Watch The Free Previews From Johnny’s Wild Ride On The BaitBus Here

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Jan 04

Military Dudes Have An Amazing Gay Threesome

I love seeing the looking on the face of a guys face who gets his ass tapped for the first time. That’s what happens in this gay threesome when Ransom and Tatum are paired up with anal virgin Tayler. These military dudes could have maybe at one time passed themselves off as being straight but anyone that sees them in this hot steamy scene wouldn’t believe their clams now. The guys start out with Ransom on the right, Tayler on the left and Tatum in the center gets all the attention. After they finished worshiping Tatum’s manhood they spread the love and each a dick in their mouth.

Once all three guy have practiced their oral dick sucking skills it was time take it to the next level. Ransom slips a condom on Tatum’s big dick and bends over the side of the bed to let Tatum manhandle his ass by sinking his cock deep in his hole. Tatum skipped his turn at getting fucked and instead they turned their attention to Tayler’s virgin ass. Ranson then spreads Tayler wide and drives his big cock deep into that tight manhole. Tayler lets out some load moans but soon stops when Tatum fills his mouth with his shaft. Tayler took that ass plowing Ransom gave him like a real man. Surprisingly Tayler was the first of the three guys to nut, shooting his load as Ransom finished up fucking his ass. Finally Ransom pulled out and him and Tatum unloaded their creamy streams all over tayler leaving him coated in all that cum.

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Jan 02

Stunning Blond Jock Returns To Be Gay Serviced

When I seen amazing young jock getting his dick serviced I knew I had to get some scene pictures together to share with you. If you recognize this beautiful hunky boys face, it’s because he did a solo scene late this summer going by the name Forrest which you can see here. This time he is back as Lyle and after modeling nude last week  for ChaosMen they got him back and paired him up with his first gay porn shoot. Ransom is the lucky man that gets to show this sexy 19 year old boy some of the finer pleasures of gay sex.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Dec 30

Full Body Naked Massage Leads To Mutual Cock Swallowing

Today from the new site FratMen Sucks I have to share with you some awesome scenes from a video I just watched for the first time myself. It all takes place on the Hawaiian Isles with Casey and Vincent doing a bit of gay experimentation on each other. This is the first time either of these studs have had a cock in their mouth and it all makes for a very hot video. These two gorgeous frat men start out as they explore each others naked bodies during a erotic full body massages scene. One thing leads to another and soon their are lips being wrapped around their throbbing cocks.

Watch As Casey and Vincent Go After Each Others Cock Here


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Dec 29

Ripped Stud Fucks On Amateur College Sex

Connor is a site favorite and also happens to be a guy I have lusted after more then a few time in his past shoots. This week he is back and looking even more buff then ever before. He was always quite the muscle stud but it looks like his little break from porn has done his body good. I have seen this bisexual top drilling his fat cock in more then a few men over the last few years, including some amazing threesomes.

One of my favorites of those gay threesomes had Connor aggressively pounding away at Cain’s tight little ass all while giving head to Sean’s big dick. This time though we find this awesome bisexual stud paired up with Olivia who does an amazing job at worshiping his stunning ripped body and immense cock. If your the type of guy that likes some straight porn now and then you must checkout this awesome video. After all any chance to see Connor fucking is a much see in my book!

Watch Connor Taking On Olivia At Amateur College Sex

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