Oct 28

Anthony Must Take A Load From A Parolee Hunk

This bad boy continues to find himself in front of his parole officers desk for drug possession. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is thinking 22 year old Anthony Mose secretly loves the sex abuse he takes from these horny parole officers. This time parolee Anthony Mose is told he must take a load from a fellow big dick parolee.

After sucking this young hunk off Anthony thinks he is finished but the officer informs him it was just the foreplay and now he must take a fresh load of jizz up his tight little straight boy asshole. He fearfully complied with the demands and bent over to take it like a man. By the end this boy finds himself up on the officers desk with his legs spread wide taking a rough pounding from this young beefy convict.

Anthony hardly flinched when this hunk gave him one final ram and dumped his load straight into his ass. This time I wonder if this street boy learned his lesson or will he be back again for more punishment.

Oct 25

Muscle Hunk Gets Double Fucked

A beer in one hand and your cock in the other, what could be better? How about having a big muscle hunk to share that man time with you? These guys talk tough and play rough. It doesn’t take long for Rod to talk his buddy Trevor Mustang out of his pants and soon slobbering all over each others cocks.

After they swap blowjobs Trevor gets his asshole stretched to the point he will never forget. Rod stuffs his butthole with two big dildos at the same time. Trevor’s hole will never be the same after Rod is finish double fucking him. That expression of pain and pleasure on this muscle studs face is totally priceless! The ending comes with Rod raining down streams of jizz onto Trevor while he jacks himself off! Warning this one is a wild rough ass stretching video!


Oct 22

Cum Hungry Boys Get Down and Dirty

The scene I have for you today is hot from the start to messy messy finish. It’s a down and dirty scorcher between the hung twink Chandler and the perfect looking hunk Trey. The scene starts off as Chandler walks in on Trey enjoying himself with some phone sex.

Chandler is is hungry for some cock himself and takes the phone from Trey’s hands and rips off his jeans to get at the goods. Chandler works his magic on Trey licking his hairy nutsack and swallowing up that stiff dick. After servicing his dick Chandler moves to his toes for a bit of feet worship.

After then kissing for awhile Trey gets aggressive and throws Chandler to the bed pulling down his underwear to get at that big twink cock. After driving this boy wild with his skilled cocksucking mouth, Trey then moves on to his asshole giving him a glorious rimjob. The guys then flip again and this time Trey has his ass in the air as Chandler fingers his hole getting him prepared for a hard ass fucking.

Chandler then slowly sinks his raw monster cock into Trey’s hole making him yell out “oh, that’s such a big dick”! They have a rough ‘n tumble fuck in several position it all comes to a climax with Trey riding on Chandlers lap. All that bareback fucking does the trick for Trey and he pulls himself off that long pole just in time to deliver Chandler a big messy cum facial.

Turns out trey still hasn’t had enough cock and he quickly gets to work sucking off Chandler. Soon Chandler is brought to a climax and he blast a thick creamy load straight into this hunks wide open mouth. Trey anxiously gobbled up every last drop of jizz this boy fed to him. Talk about one happy ending! Whew!


Oct 20

Josh Long Fucks A Smooth Studs Tight Little Ass

Josh is telling Joey about getting picked on by his friends for having so much chest hair. “They were telling me to take off my shirt’, he says pulling off his shirt ‘even though I was shirtless.” Joey reaches over and feels his chest and tells him he likes his hairy chest before pulling off his own shirt to show Josh his is completely smooth.

I was very excited to see the return of the flawless young hairy hunk Josh Long that I knew right away I had to share his newest conquest with you all. This time around Josh is paired with the cute smooth lad Joey Cooper for a hot seen that really delivered the goods.

The since begins with Josh telling Joey how he has been picked on for year for being so hairy. Joey asks to see his chest and is immediately turned by what he sees. Joey begins running his fingers over Josh’s furry tone chest and soon their lock in a passionate kiss.

Before we know it one thing leads to another and soon Joey is on his knees with Josh’s dick buried to his bush dark pubes down his throat. Next Josh wants some of this cute twinks cock and pulls down his briefs to expose his already hard and throbbing for attention manhood. After letting Joey fuck is face for awhile Josh wanted more or this boy and bends him over on the floor.

It’s clear this bottom likes it hard as he begs for more that harder Josh rides him. Josh slams his ass in some real hot sex positions before finally settling for missionary to bring it home. The harder Josh fucks him the closer Joey comes to a climax.

Sure enough all the ass slamming from this hard working hairy boy has it’s effect and Joey pumps out a nice healthy load onto his smooth chest. Seeing him climax sets Josh Long off and he pulls out his dick just seconds before gusher a creamy load out onto Josh’s already messy hard abs. DELICIOUS!

Oct 18

Texas Stud Persuaded Into Fucking A Dude

Some straight guys are more easily persuaded into having gay sex then others. That is exactly the case with the newest addition to the Southern Strokes Ranch. Jarren is a 20 year old country boy from Texas who says he is straight but also confesses to being always horny.

Logan is the guy who’s job it is to get these hetero men into some very compromising situation and his newest target it Jarren. Lucky for Logan this dude is a push over and without much work he succumbs to his advances. Before we know it Jarren is on his knees slobbering all over Logan’s hard cock.

After sucking cock like a real champ Jarren sits back to enjoy Logan’s skilled lips on his shaft. Logan being the always eager bottom soon wants to feel this newbie inside him and bends over to take it hard. After giving Logan a rimjob in preparation for a hard fucking Jarren sinks his shaft deep into Logan’s man hole.

This straight dude fucks like a champ and quickly has Logan on the edge of an orgasm. Sure enough with Jarren buried inside, Logan jacks out a nice healthy load all over himself. Jarren wasn’t far behind and pulls out just seconds before spraying a huge cumshot all over Logan’s muscular chest.

Oct 16

Sexy Straight Dude Who Likes To Experiment

Today I have a handsome young dude named Paul who proves to be quite the ass tease in his debut porn video. Paul just turned 21 and he confesses to being always horny and ready to blow a load. One story that Paul told us in the video was about jerking on out in the parents mini-van when he was younger.

Paul looks very good just shirtless in jeans but even better once he was naked and had unleashes that nice sized dick. This sexy lean hunk was fully hard with just a few tugs of his schlong. Sitting at the edge of the bed Paul jerks slowly and managed to work up a bit of pre-cum for us.

Now that he’s ready for action Paul climbs up into bed and turns over to share with us his fine straight boy ass. He then pulls his dick back between his legs and begins jerking slowly while we check out that nice pink virgin boy hole. Paul then surprises us by confessing that he likes to play with his ass sometimes while jerking and gives us a little demonstration.

I imagine sometimes it can be hard for a cameramen to know just how far to push a straight dudes comfort level but with guys like Paul I’m pretty sure the job is made a bit easier. Sure enough just days after his cum busting solo Paul returns and is ready to take the next step by having another guy service him. That lucky guy is a cute cock hungry twink named Carter.



Oct 13

Young Parolee Takes A Fat Cock Raw

Young guys in trouble with the law never expect this type of treatment from their parole officers but they have never met Officer Harrington. This parole Officer likes them young and 19 year old Benjamin Gibson is the newest parolee under his care. It’s an unlucky day for Benjamin when he finds himself in front of Harrington’s desk for the second time in a month.

This time Benjamin earns his leases from parole by taking it hard from this beefy hunk of an officer. This bad straight boy soon finds himself bare ass up on the officers deck having his mouth stuffed with the officers huge cock. Poor little Ben gags on that fat cock but takes it all like a champ.

Just when he thinks he’s paid the price for his crime this horny officers has his eye on that smooth fine virgin boy ass. The next thing he knows his shorts as around his ankles as he gets bent over and handcuffed to the bottom filing cabinet. This young dudes ass with never been the same after being fucked bareback by Harrington’s raw fat dick.

Oct 09

Football Jock Gets A Full Body Physical

Membership to this rugby club has it’s privileges but the cost of gaining entry means this young rough straight men must submit to the board members full body inspections. Jason is the newest football jock to join the team and now it’s time for him the drop that jockstrap for a probing physical by the board and one of his fellow team mates.

Oct 07

Straight Southern Stud Seduced Into A Gay Blowjob

Watching a nervous straight man being seduced by a cock hungry guy is so damn sexy. In this scene Joshua gets himself a taste of a southern boy named Tate. Tate has never been with a guy before but seems almost eager to give it a try.

The scene begins with both boy shirtless as Joshua gives Tate a back massage. Joshua knows just how to seduce a man and compliments him on his build while rubbing down his back.

Joshua then asks Tate if he has ever kissed another guy before, to which Tate replies “no”. Tate “Do you wanna kiss me”. Surprisingly he responds with a eager “yeah!” and that is where this back rub down takes a turn.



From there it doesn’t take Joshua long to have Tate stripped down naked, as he licks his way down that pale skin tone torso. Joshua finally gets his treat with a mouth full of Tate’s big stiff dick. This cock hungry tan muscular stud licks every inch of that hard cock and even gets himself a mouthful of hairy balls.


Tate is clearly enjoying the lips of another man’s warm wet mouth around his manhood and moans in pleasure as Joshua takes him deep down his throat. As Tate nears his climax he stands up on front of kneeling Joshua and pumps his long cock into his face. Finally Joshua is rewarded for his hard work as Tate gushes out a tremendous cumshot straight into his wide open mouth.


Oct 04

Cum Filled Straight Boy Meets Gloryhole

What strapping young straight guy doesn’t need a release every now and then when there is an eager mouth to take it it’s all the better. Johnny is on his knees on one side of the gloryhole, thirsty for some fresh man juice and Joey is on the other aching for a release. Joey quickly unzips his jeans and shoves his cock and hairy balls through the gloryhole.

It’s a regular man feast for Johnny and he quickly goes to work servicing this mystery man’s meat!

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