Sep 11

Muscle Daddy Fucks A Horny Bottom Boy

This scene begins with the gorgeous young dark and handsome Gabriel is studying in his room for a college exam. In walks his muscle daddy lover Samuel Colt to help take his mind off his studies for a bit. This hairy daddy came with some sex toys to help him get this horny boy off.

Gabriel looks quite happy to see his big furry hunk and quickly goes to work sucking his stiff dick, just the way his daddy likes it. Samuel can hardly wait to get in his beautiful young lovers pants and quickly strips him naked. It was so very hot watching this burly face hunk take this boys hard uncut cock deep down his throat over and over again.

Once he had him moaning in ecstasy it was time for Samuel to move onto the toys before he erupted. Samuel plunged Gabriel’s dick inside a Fleshjack toy repeatedly while they kissed passionately. Next it was time to move onto that delicious cute round ass.

With Gabriel’s legs high in the air Samuel finger fucked and then stuffed a nice thick butt plug inside that sweet boy ass. Gabriel was clearly enjoy every thrust into his butthole but was soon begging for the real thing. Samuel rammed his shaft into this bottom boy’s tight hungry hole over and over again in several sex positions around the room.

While fucking doggy-style Samuel was brought to a climax and pulls out his cock just seconds before blasting a healthy load of cum all over his boys sexy back. Gabriel then turns around and Samuel licks his nipples while he jacks himself to a spectacular climax that blasts cum all the way up to his face!

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Sep 08

Latin Stud Must Obey His Horny Parole Officers

Today’s video features another great scene from ParoleHim where 25 year old Rafeal Mendoza is coerced into a very sticky situation by his new parole officers. After serving 5 days in jail for being an illegal immigrant this young Latino stud is forced to comply with his horny parole officers orders or face more jail time. The hidden camera’s capture this prisoners sexual abuse by officers Johnson and Thompson as the have him suck their hard dicks and even shove their dicks up this straight Latin studs tight asshole.

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Sep 06

Horny Young Men Give It To A Submissive Bottom

Some guy like it rough and Billy and Terry are ready to give it to this submissive man just the way he likes it. With their balls fulled with cum these two young men whip out their dicks from their underwear and shove it into his cock loving mouth. It’s obvious this guy is a cum whore as he gobbles up the pre-cum from their delicious uncut boners.

After sucking them both off Terry shoves this dudes face into Billy’s beautiful hairy hole, forcing him to to eat out his buddies hairy ass. This submissive bottom is in heaven with his face shoved in that boys ass. Next these brutal young tops stretch his hole stuffing his asshole with their throbbing hard meat. It isn’t long before their both ready to blow and they both deposit their load straight into this man’s hungry mouth.


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Sep 04

Bisexual Military Hunks Have Flip Flop Fuck

Nothing like a sexy military man to get you excited and it’s even better if there are two in the same video. The delicious young peace of mancandy known as Axl is paired up with muscle stud Domenic for a fantastic flip flop fuck. The fun begins with these bisexual hunks in the shower feeling up each others nude wet bodies.

It didn’t take much caressing before both military men have their boners standing at full attention. Axl is the first to go down and drops to his knees to service Domenic’s hard throbbing manhood as the water in the shower cascades off their bodies. After he finish enjoying Axl’s warm wet mouth for a bit, Domenic took his turn one his knees.

After bringing one another close to a orgasm in the shower the men move to the bedroom to take it to the next level. They go straight for some 69 action, both getting their mouths stuffed with big cock. Domenic then moves from sucking to eat out Axl’s hole pink hole, burying his face between those beautiful baby smooth butt cheeks.

Once that flawless ass on Axl had a good rimming, he got down on all fours so Domenic could ram his hole. All that hardcore butt slamming had Axl turned on so fast he had to swap positions with Domenic before he erupted. Axl then takes his turn being on top and rails hard into Domenic’s tight man hole. Soon Domenic can’t hold back any longer and wanks out a healthy load onto his hard hunky abs. After a few more thrusts Axl is ready to bust and withdraws just in time to spank an intense cumshot out onto his tattooed fuck buddies firm abs.

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Sep 01

Caught Jerking Angelo Gets Fucked By His Buds

What’s a guy to do when he has blue-balls from not getting laid for weeks but he stuck in a fraternity full of guys? Angelo tries to get some privacy to rub-one-out but soon learned their is no place private in this house, when he is busted jacking off by his buds. Lucky for Angelo is buddies are very willing to help a guy out and offer their dicks up for him to suck while he jerks.

After sucking them off Anthony and Roman want to bust-a-nut as well flip Angelo over to have a go at his tight asshole. He ends up getting plowed from both ends as the guys feed him their stiff dicks. Angelo is sure hungry for cock and beats himself off to a cum gushing orgasm while they take turns riding his ass bareback. It wasn’t long before they all get their wish and they all jerk their loads all over their cum hungry buddies face.

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Aug 30

Muscle Boy Reed Fucks Cameron Bareback

Everything from their beginning passionate kissing, the exhilarating cum fest ending and everything inbetween was prefect about this video I have to share with you today. Muscle boy Reed is back and paired up with the smaller build but still delectable model Cameron for this incredible bareback scene.

Barebacking in gay porn is back and more popular then ever thanks to popular sites like CorbinFisher and ChaosMen. Lucky for us there is beautiful bisexual and gay curious men like these that are eager to stuff their raw cocks in some hot ass for us. Cameron is clearly very turned on by his muscular partner and kisses his way down that amazing muscle ripped young body.

Cameron is very hungry for Reed’s dick and licks seductively up and down his entire shaft. Cameron maybe a relative newcomer to oral sex but he has clearly learned quickly how to drive a man wild. The two then sat down and Reed got between Cameron’s legs to swallow up his big boner.

Reed had soon made his way to Cameron’s beautiful butt and began slowly licking out his tight little asshole.He then swaps between rimjobs and finger fucking Cameron causing him to beg to be fucked. Once his ass was warmed up and ready to go he climbed up onto Reed’s lap and slowly slides down onto his stiff cock. Cameron adjusted quickly and was soon bouncing up and down the full length of Reed’s shaft.

Switching positions, Cameron lays on his side while Reed continues is raw heated assault on his tight hole. Cameron moans out “fuck men!” several time while having that beautiful ass pummeled bareback. Soon Cameron had all he could take and unleashed a gusher of cum. Reed continued on fucking until he was seconds from cumming. He then pulled out his raw cock and climbed up to feed Cameron his fresh hot load. Little Cameron didn’t waste a drop and sucking on Reed dick till it was totally spent.

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Aug 28

Hairy Southern Stud Tugs His Big Dick

I’m usually not overly into real hairy men, but this handsome rugged looking newcomer has me all worked up. With his sexy southern charm and attractive burly face there sure a lot to love about Manning Carr. What I found most appealing about this hunk is his eagerness to show off his sexy muscular body with us.

It’s pretty clear Manning is a bit of a exhibitionest, as he puts on a little strip tease while getting naked for his debut solo. Smiling coyly the entire time, Manning finally exposes his huge cock. He’s rock hard from the moment he was out of those ripped jeans and quickly started jerking his long stiff manhood.

While rubbing his cock Manning ran his finger through his hairy chest hair and tugged on his nice large low hanging balls. As he gets even more engrossed in his self pleasuring session Manning lays down and begins jerking even more vigorously. Reaching his climax Manning blasts out a wonderful cumshot that left his furry tone torso streaked in fresh jizz.

Manning gives us a solo show that was extremely sexy to watch and I sure hope he comes back again to do a gay sex scene. Wouldn’t that be hot to watch?

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Aug 26

Muscular Young Straight Boy Give Himself A Cum Facial

I so much enjoy watching a straight boy get himself off. Today that boy is Rey Gold a muscular young guy with a hot smooth hard body and a great big cock. I don’t really know much about this newbie but I can tell you he was amazing to watch jerk off.

After dropping his pants Rey begins pumping up his manhood through his underwear. It didn’t take longer before this young stud had a tremendous bugle in his boxers that was begging for a release. After finally getting fully naked Rey climbs into bed and starts intently rubbing himself.

Rey wanks his meat is several positions each one edging himself closer to a climax. Before long he’s panting heavily is clearly about ready to erupt in a geyser of cum. In a move that was some what surprising for your average straight guy, Rey then jerked out a health wad of jizz directly into his wide open mouth.

Rey feeding himself his own creamy load really made for a awesome solo and one that you won’t want to miss witnessing for yourself! Watch Rey Swallow His Load Exclusively On

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Aug 21

Muscle Stud Takes His First Dick From A Hot Hairy Boy

Today it’s Texas vs. Tennessee in a hot gay4pay porno that have these straight young hunks stretching their sexual boundaries to the max. Both guys are just 19 with totally amazing hairy muscular bodies. Johnny is the taller guy standing 6’2″ which towers over Josh at just 5’7″ tall.

Johnny is a porn newbie but a few weeks ago preformed in a gay 3-way video where he paired up with Joe Parker to double dick another studs asshole. This time around he is back to get his virgin asshole stretch by the super sexy Josh Long. Johnny is all smiles when he meets the guy who is about to help him explore his gay anal sex curiosity.

To everyone shock it’s this beefy tattooed hunk that takes charge and once naked goes straight for Josh’s huge tool. These young men are soon in full make out mode and begin giving each other handjobs. Once Josh was hard Johnny again made the first move and bent down to service his shaft.

Josh then returns the favor and gave Johnny an equally amazing blowjob. Johnny was so eager to get fucked by this cute hairy boy, he broke away from his BJ and climbed up to sit on Josh’s massive teen cock. It was clear Johnny was in some pain at first, from taking Josh the entire way inside his tight virgin hole on the first plunge, but soon overcame the pain.

Johnny then moved to a new position laying down on the couch with his muscular thighs spread wide giving Josh easy access to his hole. After enduring the initial pain from Josh huge boner buried inside him, Johnny began pumping his own stiff tool while getting jackhammered. Suddenly Josh pulls out of his ass and gushes out a wad of jizz all over Johnny’s firm stomach.

With Josh’s warm juice all over him Johnny can’t hold back any longer also and blast out his own healthy load of cum. Josh was stroking his still hard bone while his partner climax. Josh then used a bit of Johnny’s warm jizz to lube up again and jack out a second cumshot.

These two young hairy men were so damn hot to watch you will be cumming right along with them!

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Aug 20

Straight Buddies Play Naked Beer Pong

I really enjoy watching some of the ways straight guys bond with each other. In this video from the new site My Straight Buddy we have two stunning young military men playing a game of Beef Pong on a lazy Saturday evening. Lucky for us the rule of the house is beer pong must be played in the buff.

It’s 22 year old Italian boy Tony vs. Dan in a exciting game of naked beer pong. The playful interaction between these two beautiful men is so fun to watch. We gets some amazing close-up views of their fantastic tone bodies as they play, including some up shots from between their legs, to check out those sexy straight boy butts. While swapping stories of past sex encounters Tony can’t help himself from growing a hard.

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