Dec 22

Frat Jock Cheyanne Jerks His Veinly Rod

Today I have a ripped frat jock that his built like a beyond belief! Cheyanne is the newest model to jerk his dick for the first time on Fratmen. Once he finished showing off this nude hard athletic body with us in a outdoor exhibition, we then join Cheyanne in the bedroom. Spread out naked on the bed Cheyanne’s ass rhythmically thrusts up and down as he humps the sheets before turning back again to stroking his big veinly rod to a creamy finish.

[hana-flv-player video="" width="480" height="320" description="Frat Jock Cheyanne Jerks His Fat Dick" player="5" autoload="true" autoplay="false" loop="false" autorewind="true" clickurl="" /]

Dec 20

Straight Fraternity – Hung Nudest Teabags And Gets Serviced

Today we have two free spirit guys who are paired up for a great new Straight Fraternity video. Trevor on the right is a nudist but identifies as a straight guy and then there is Dalton on the left who freely admits to liking to do things sexually with men on occasion. For this dick sucking exchange Trevor negotiates a no-kissing rule. I guess he thinks that would be so much more gay then having a dick in his mouth!

Before the oral acting began both young men strip down and sit naked on the couch each stroking up a hard-on. Both of these guys have nice slender hard bodies but Trevor is the first to catch my attention with his huge dick. Once hard Dalton dives down on Trevor’s big cock devouring his entire girth into his mouth.

Dalton then moves onto those wonderful low-hanger balls switching between sucking his nuts and teasing this straight boys hole with his tongue. Soon Trevor stands and teabags Dalton dipping his nutsack into his face and wide open mouth. After all that oral pleasure is was Trevor’s turn to suck a dick.

Trevor did his best but still seemed a bit uncomfortable giving a blowjob to another man. Finally both of these slim stud where ready to blow and swapped handjobs till they each erupted in in two cum drenched climaxes.

Dec 18

Hairy Texas College Hunk Turned Dick Jerking Exhibitionist

Gage has actually done stuff on another site, but when he contacted me asking if I was interested in filming him I couldn’t resist. He lives north of me and was driving through on his way home from visiting his brother down south.
Today we get some homemade amateur porn featuring a hairy college hunk named Gage. This hairy young man quite a sexy guy with his handsome face, furry chest and hunky masculine body. He starts off a bit bashful at the start but once stripped to just his boxer underwear he really gets into his debut dick jerking video.

After dropping his underwear Gage covers his junk with a cowboy hat before finally letting us take a look. This hot hairy straight guy then lays on the bed and begins jerking up a nice big boner. I know many of you like trimming pubes but surely anyone can appreciate a nice hairy all natural bush on a stud like Gage. Once hard Gage’s exhibitionist side finally kicks in and he turns over on all fours to let us see his virgin ass.

Some straight guys as more shy then others about showing their butt holes but Gage reaches back to spread his cheeks wide. Gage sure has a fine hairy ass hole that could only look better if it was stuffed with a juicy thick cock. Turning back over to focus on jerking one out of that big college cock Gage manages a very intense cum gusher that turns those furry abs creamy white in jizz.

Dec 16

The Gift Of Beautiful Men!

We all deserve to buy a gift for ourselves this holiday season and I just found a gift that will give you months and months of lust filled joy! Why not join a gay porn site that delivers to you the gift of fresh new college men each week. Gift Yourself A CorbinFisher Membership Today

Dec 13

A Finger Fuck Makes This Stud Cum

FROM ChaosMen:

I think it helped that Maxwell was totally comfortable getting his dick sucked by a dude. He was eager to be serviced and I don’t think he looked at the porn playing for him but a couple times.
Ransom sucked him like a pro, and when he brushed his ass hole with his finger, Maxwell let out a little gasp of encouragement.  Ransom was soon fingering his hole, and Maxwell’s cock was at full mass!

Ransom loved the way Maxwell smelled, and ate his ass with gusto.  Certainly Maxwell loved every minute of it as he almost came in that position.  It leaves you wondering if this guy will want to Top or Bottom for his first full-on sex scene. My guess is he will want to Top, but this scene sure makes ya think he will be a totally versatile player if not a full-on bottom!

Ransom gets the speed and rhythm down to just the right note and has Maxwell busting a huge load.  Ransom licks all around, but there is still a huge cummy mess all over Maxwell’s pubes.

Maxwell looks completely spent and satisfied by the end of this video! You will be too!


Dec 11

Cute Blue Eyed Freshmen With Amazing Stamina

Here is a handsome new freshmen that not only has a high sex drive he like to show off. With bright blue eyes and a sexy boy-next-door smile, Fratmen Milo is a real charmer. Milo shows no hesitation in getting naked and sharing his tone subtle hairy physique with us.

During his debut porn solo Milo goes from a naked dip in the whirl pool to a sexy shower that has his jerking as water runs down his body. Finally in the bedroom this handsome straight stud grids his cock into the bed, letting us enjoy his humping hairy ass. Milo’s libido is shown as he strokes his big dick in several hot positions for nearly 30 minutes before finally blasting out a spectacular cumshot!
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Dec 07

Sex With A Hairy Pool Boy Intruder

This new scene from Str8 to Gay brings to life the wet dream of many a gay men. Just imagine your coming home to discover your pool boy going for a naked dip in your pool. That is exactly what happens here to Danny Palick giving him the perfect chance to have sex with his gorgeous young hairy pool boy Josh Long.

Danny scolds Josh and heads inside to watch him climb naked out of the pool. Josh dripping wet comes into the house butt naked. Danny pretends to be so angry with him that he won’t let him leave without a proper punishment.

With the opportunity to get lucky with his sexy straight pool boy Danny makes his move and before we know it he’s head bobbing on his hairy hotties big boner. Turns out this wasn’t a real punishment for Josh and he loves the sexual advance from his beautiful hunk so much that he reciprocates his blowjob.

Soon we find Josh Long bent over the leather couch having his hot hairy ass probed. Once Josh’s fine furry ass is warmed up and ready for more Danny slips his hard dick deep inside. Begging for more Danny delivers one hard fucking to his pool intruder tight ass.

Dec 06

Frat Stud Give Nude Happy Ending Massages

Two young men with gorgeous physiques giving each other happy ending massages. What could be better? Well how about some dick sucking action thrown into the mix! Now that is what I call a full service massages. Today Micky and Terry serve up one tantalizing scene that has them exploring one anothers fully naked bodies with their hands and even tongues.

Micky experience trumps Terry’s but this bi-curious boy has sure came along way since his first scene with Micky’s twin brother Ajay. Terry is the first to begin the scene by running his hands over every inch of Micky’s flawless tone nude body. Eventually Terry finds his lips wrapped tightly around this Frat alums stiff shaft.

After enjoying his full service massages Micky was eager to get his hands all over Terry’s equally magnificent hard male physique. Micky is quite skilled at servicing a man and with Terry’s manhood in his hands he has him hard in seconds. Micky gives some of the most sensual blowjobs I have witnessed and he works that same magic on studs dick.

Micky’s skilled cocksucking mouth quickly has Terry in the edge of an orgasm. Terry takes over jacking his dick to a finish while Micky runs his fingers over his primed balls. Micky finally ends up back on the massages table masturbating his fat dick while Terry runs his hand seductively over this washboard abs. Now that is what I call a finish!

Dec 03

Blonde Jockey Hunk Gets An Naked Probing Inspection

I never really thought of a jockey as a real jock but after seeing the amazing body here on Bobby I may just have to change my mind. Here this cute blonde hunk of a jockey is subjected to a thorough inspection before is is let into the tournament. After being forced to get naked Bobby is then brought to all fours like an animal where this sexy young athlete gets his ass inspected by the officials. Not quite sure what they are looking for but by the painful expression on Bobby’s face their finger fucking him pretty deep. At the same time while Bobby endures an anus inspection they officials milk his uncut cock causing him to produce a nice cum gusher!

Dec 02

Straight Dude Gets His Wish Of Anal Sex

It’s usually pretty easy to tell if a dude is really straight or just pretending. The video scenes I have to share with you today feature Jonny Magnum who I have little doubt was straight “up until today” that is. The story on how Jonny has made is way to being in front of a gay porn studios camera is kind of a funny one. He tells us he has been wanting to try anal sex with his girlfriend for some time but she always refuses him because is dick is so fat.

Girls maybe can’t handle that big dick but he soon learns it’s a different story for a horny gay bottom. Jr. is up for giving this straight guy his desire and after slobbering over his thick dick he offers up his ass. Jonny fucks Jr.s man pussy like a real champ and ends up gushing a thick creamy load all over this gay dudes back! I was however presently surprised when this guy I thought was very straight ended up letting another guy cum on his chest. Very hot but maybe I was wrong about Jonny! Watch The Free Preview On Straight Men Today

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