Dec 06

Frat Stud Give Nude Happy Ending Massages

Two young men with gorgeous physiques giving each other happy ending massages. What could be better? Well how about some dick sucking action thrown into the mix! Now that is what I call a full service massages. Today Micky and Terry serve up one tantalizing scene that has them exploring one anothers fully naked bodies with their hands and even tongues.

Micky experience trumps Terry’s but this bi-curious boy has sure came along way since his first scene with Micky’s twin brother Ajay. Terry is the first to begin the scene by running his hands over every inch of Micky’s flawless tone nude body. Eventually Terry finds his lips wrapped tightly around this Frat alums stiff shaft.

After enjoying his full service massages Micky was eager to get his hands all over Terry’s equally magnificent hard male physique. Micky is quite skilled at servicing a man and with Terry’s manhood in his hands he has him hard in seconds. Micky gives some of the most sensual blowjobs I have witnessed and he works that same magic on studs dick.

Micky’s skilled cocksucking mouth quickly has Terry in the edge of an orgasm. Terry takes over jacking his dick to a finish while Micky runs his fingers over his primed balls. Micky finally ends up back on the massages table masturbating his fat dick while Terry runs his hand seductively over this washboard abs. Now that is what I call a finish!

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Dec 03

Blonde Jockey Hunk Gets An Naked Probing Inspection

I never really thought of a jockey as a real jock but after seeing the amazing body here on Bobby I may just have to change my mind. Here this cute blonde hunk of a jockey is subjected to a thorough inspection before is is let into the tournament. After being forced to get naked Bobby is then brought to all fours like an animal where this sexy young athlete gets his ass inspected by the officials. Not quite sure what they are looking for but by the painful expression on Bobby’s face their finger fucking him pretty deep. At the same time while Bobby endures an anus inspection they officials milk his uncut cock causing him to produce a nice cum gusher!

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Dec 02

Straight Dude Gets His Wish Of Anal Sex

It’s usually pretty easy to tell if a dude is really straight or just pretending. The video scenes I have to share with you today feature Jonny Magnum who I have little doubt was straight “up until today” that is. The story on how Jonny has made is way to being in front of a gay porn studios camera is kind of a funny one. He tells us he has been wanting to try anal sex with his girlfriend for some time but she always refuses him because is dick is so fat.

Girls maybe can’t handle that big dick but he soon learns it’s a different story for a horny gay bottom. Jr. is up for giving this straight guy his desire and after slobbering over his thick dick he offers up his ass. Jonny fucks Jr.s man pussy like a real champ and ends up gushing a thick creamy load all over this gay dudes back! I was however presently surprised when this guy I thought was very straight ended up letting another guy cum on his chest. Very hot but maybe I was wrong about Jonny! Watch The Free Preview On Straight Men Today

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Nov 29

Young Beefcake Naked On His Camera Phone

Julian is a buff young exhibitionist who can be seen performing on the live cams of FratPad. This time this hunk is home alone and decides to have a bit of fun with his camera phone a a mirror. Julian models shirtless then in just his tight fitting sexy underwear. It did take long for Julian to turn himself on and he takes that fat cock in his hand to rub one out!

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Nov 26

Young Cocksucker In Training

For today’s post I have to share with you a young cocksucker being put to the test. Jamie’s new found oral skills are put to the test on a hunky straight men with nice hard muscular body. Jamie has his face pumped hard and it’s all he can do to keep up with those powerful thrusts down his throat.

Jamie then turns his attention to this hunks muscular ass ad he buries his face between those hard cheeks. After eating out this hunky man’s hot hole his attention is turned once again to that big beautiful cock and he sucks this straight dude off to a amazing climax!

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Nov 23

Rough Stud Takes A Big Dick For His Freedom

When this rough construction worker breaks his parole with a DUI he finds himself face to face with his parole officers. After being cuffed the officer spots a big bulge in this 29 year old’s jeans. Upon inspection it turns out it was just his big dick packing those jeans but the officers now wants to see just how big this studs dick really is.

Dominic Sol know is he doesn’t submit to their desires he will find himself back behind bars. After the offers sucks this dudes hard shaft he is then forced to his knees and made to swallow the officer’s long hard boner. As if that weren’t enough this stud is bent over the desk and has that virgin man hole stuffed with a thick raw cock. Taking his first dick like a man this stud ends his parole office visit with a stretched ass from all that bareback sex and covered in cum!

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Nov 19

Virgin Straight Boy Stuffed By Johnny Forza

I can’t think of a better start to the week then by rubbing one out to this man-cherry busting video featuring Johnny Forza and Brandon Beal. Brandon is a boy I have been waiting to see have his ass stuffed for quite some time.

After some hot sexual banter between the guys they undress down to their underwear and sit side by side in bed. Both are sporting some major tent in their underwear and soon reach other to swap handjobs. Soon they take off and throw their underwear to the side as they begin to take turns swallowing up each others meat.

Brandon it’s new to sucking dick and soon has Johnny groaning in pleasure as he stuffs his mouth with his big cock. Try as he may Brandon just can’t quite deep throat to the base of Johnny’s shaft. It was however very fun watching him give it a try.

Brandon then comes up for air and lets Johnny have a go at his nice sized love shaft. The guys get pretty vocal during their blowjob swapping session as Brandon moans “lick that fucking cock up”. Johnny does everything Brandon orders and then some, but once again his straight boy throat just his experienced enough to take down his first girth.

Next it was time for Brandon to finally experience a dick shoved up his rear for the first time in his young life. Brandon lays flat on his belly as Johnny lubes up that monster meat and eases it into that tight clenched hole. The look on Brandon’s face is priceless as he winches from the pain of his tight hole getting penetrated.

Brandon begs him to take it slow and Johnny does his best to keep it slow but the feeling of a tight ass soon has the better of him and he’s soon pounding away. Brandon bits the sheets to endure the pain but says hard throughout the furious assault on his ass. Johnny finally lets Brandon change into a more comfortable position for both of them but doesn’t let up much on how hard he slams into him.

Although he’s clearly in pain that doesn’t stop Brandon from feverishly pumping his own cock while getting fucked. Finally our newly deflowered boy nuts and blows his creamy wad all over his flat smooth stomach. With Brandon still shaking from his orgasm Johnny pulls out and explodes massive load up onto Brandon’s chest. Taking his first time with stride Brandon just shoot us a cute smile when asked how it was. I bet this boy is going to be a regular bottom after that intense ass pounding!

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Nov 16

Country Boy Hunter – Shares His Fat Cock

Living in the country myself, I have to say country boys sure know how to wear those tight jeans! That’s exactly my first through then I first spotted this beefy Texas stud Hunter on the Active Duty site today. New recruit Hunter is one sexy country boy who comes complete with camo cap, large belt buckle and cowboy boots that complete the picture!

Hunter slowly unbuttons his shirt and unzips those skin tight jeans to give us a peak at his unbelievable fat cock. Once they have this husky stud naked they next get him to share with us his virgin asshole. As with most straight men he was a bit shy about sharing his man hole with us but he took it with stride and spread those beautiful round ass cheeks.

While one the bed jerking that thick dick Hunter is bombarded with questions from the camera man to get him to open up about himself. As the camera focuses in on his cherry ass, Hunter is asked if he like ass play. Surprisingly this rough straight dude replies that it’s on his “do to list”. Something tells me this hunk could have a lot of takers to lend him a hand in that anal exploration.

After so egging on from the cameraman Hunter gives in and slips his finger deep inside his tight puckered asshole. Soon the cameramen joins in and offers Hunter his middle finger to fuck. After that it didn’t take long for all that finger fucking to have it’s affect and he gushes a thick creamy load from that fat shaft!

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Nov 14

Sculpted Teenaged Southern Stud Blast A Load

When you imagine a sexy Texas ranch hunk a handsome man like Ryan Saddle may very well come to your mind. I was surprised to learn this amazing stud is just 18 but he is a very mature young guy. This is Ryan’s first time on camera but it’s pretty clear he likes to show off.

Once stripped down to his undies we get to admire his lean sculpted body while he rubs his now bulging crotch. Before we know if Ryan is butt naked with one hand cupping his big balls and the other firmly wrapped around his hard pole. While jerking this boy turns to spread those beautiful ass cheeks for our enjoyment.

Ryan’s outdoor jerk session finally comes to a climax when he turns back round on the bench. His hand pumps his big cock in a frenzy and his breathing intensifies as he nears his powerful orgasm. With a soft moan Ryan finally blasts out a thick load of cream. Looking quite satisfied with himself this teenaged stud ends his debut with a big southern grin on his handsome young face.

Jump To Ryan Saddle’s Full HD Video Here

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Nov 09

Gay Curious Stud Serviced By A Cum Hungry Boy

When straight guys first appear on a gay themed porn site they always put up a macho manly front and brag around just how “allegedly” heterosexual they are, by talking about sex they have had with girls. Cy on the other hand still holds onto the label of being “straight” but also admits to fooling around with other guys while drunk.

For me it doesn’t matter one bit where a sexy guy falls on the Kinsey Scale but more about how gay curious he is at that time in his life. And as it turns out this adorable guy is very curious in deed! So it was obvious for his second porn video for Cy to be paired up with another young man who is extremely cock hungry and ready to service him.

Bryce is also quite adorable and as I recall from his previous videos with Casey this 18 year old is quite the natural at sucking cock. Sitting side by side jerking, Bryce breaks the tension with a handjob and then proceeds to give his new buddy some head. Cy’s flaccid dick quickly grows rock hard thanks to Bryce and he relaxes to enjoy his blowjob.

After blowing this young stud Bryce then turns his attention to some hairy ass eating and has Cy bend over on the bed. Cy was clearly enjoying the feel of Bryce’s tongue on his virgin hole but then wanted to return the favor and suck some dick himself. After sucking Bryce, Cy then moves back into position to fuck his little buddies face.

Bryce can’t hold back any longer and blasts out a big healthy cum shot while Cy continued stuffing his mouth. Not long after, Cy also reached his climax and jerked out a stream of fresh cream straight into this boys wide open mouth. This cum hungry teen couldn’t get enough of Cy’s seed and gobbled up every last drop from his shaft. Talk about a delicious ending!

Watch Bryce Eat Cy’s Fresh Load Here On ChaosMen

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