Oct 06

Blond Boy Takes A Wild Ride On An Italian Stud


Adam’s big old tool is straining to get out and play. After some more kissing, the two studs finally get naked. Sergio licks that dipstick, making Adam moan. He takes a few licks and then hand jerks it. He tries to deep throat but Adam’s dick is one mighty beast!

Sergio then comes up off his knees for a kiss, and takes a seat as Adam work some tongue magic of that hard man meat. There’s more kissing and Sergio slaps one of Adam’s butt cheeks letting him know he’s ready to fuck that hot ass. Adam then climbs up and straddles this Italian studs lap taking his shaft deep inside his warm manhole.

After a wild ride on that pole Adam lays on his side and takes a repeated ass pounding from Sergio. Things even get a bit rough as Sergio grabs this young kid by the neck and fucks him even harder, slamming into those smooth ass cheeks. Sergio can’t hold back any more and pulls out to strokes a load that Adam’s butt cheeks and freshly fucked hole. While kissing Sergio, Adam jerks himself wildly before gushing a huge load all over himself!


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