Dec 07

Sex With A Hairy Pool Boy Intruder

This new scene from Str8 to Gay brings to life the wet dream of many a gay men. Just imagine your coming home to discover your pool boy going for a naked dip in your pool. That is exactly what happens here to Danny Palick giving him the perfect chance to have sex with his gorgeous young hairy pool boy Josh Long.

Danny scolds Josh and heads inside to watch him climb naked out of the pool. Josh dripping wet comes into the house butt naked. Danny pretends to be so angry with him that he won’t let him leave without a proper punishment.

With the opportunity to get lucky with his sexy straight pool boy Danny makes his move and before we know it he’s head bobbing on his hairy hotties big boner. Turns out this wasn’t a real punishment for Josh and he loves the sexual advance from his beautiful hunk so much that he reciprocates his blowjob.

Soon we find Josh Long bent over the leather couch having his hot hairy ass probed. Once Josh’s fine furry ass is warmed up and ready for more Danny slips his hard dick deep inside. Begging for more Danny delivers one hard fucking to his pool intruder tight ass.

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