Oct 28

Anthony Must Take A Load From A Parolee Hunk

This bad boy continues to find himself in front of his parole officers desk for drug possession. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is thinking 22 year old Anthony Mose secretly loves the sex abuse he takes from these horny parole officers. This time parolee Anthony Mose is told he must take a load from a fellow big dick parolee.

After sucking this young hunk off Anthony thinks he is finished but the officer informs him it was just the foreplay and now he must take a fresh load of jizz up his tight little straight boy asshole. He fearfully complied with the demands and bent over to take it like a man. By the end this boy finds himself up on the officers desk with his legs spread wide taking a rough pounding from this young beefy convict.

Anthony hardly flinched when this hunk gave him one final ram and dumped his load straight into his ass. This time I wonder if this street boy learned his lesson or will he be back again for more punishment.

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