Jul 08

Surfer Hunk Returns To Top With A New Look

Well it took me a few minutes to recognize the tall hunk in this new duo scene from college dudes but it soon came to me that he is none other then Tom Faulk. Tom is a cute shaggy haired blond surfer dude that I wrote a post about here just last year.

Now he’s back again but he now looks much more mature look to him and even more handsome. Tom has been a power bottom for more then a few college hunks on the site but today with his new more rugged look he is topping the hot redhead Palmer Dilis.

Palmer is a handsome 20 year old who was a high school wrestling champ. I watched him in his first porn video just a few months back. Since that debut solo video he vanished but lucky for us he’s back and ready to get that man cherry taken but Tom.

From the moment the guys started kissing each other I knew this way going to be a very hot one to watch. After they helped each other get naked it was surprisingly Palmer that makes the first move and drops down to his knees to worship Tom’s big cock. After they where through swapping blowjobs Tom had a real treat for this newbie.

Tom has Palmer get onto all fours on the coffee table and proceeds to bury his face between this ginger studs plump beautiful butt cheeks. Palmer was clearly enjoying the experience of his first ever gay rimjob. After eating out his asshole Tom was ready to take on this boys amazing ass.

Freshly lubed up from Tom’s saliva the guys ready for the main event. Tom then slowly drives the head of his thick cock into Palmer’s tight asshole. Soon the feeling of pain is replaced with pleasure as he slow drives his pole balls deep. Before we know it this newcomer boy is begging for more as Tom pounds his hole in several positions on the couch.

Soon Palmer’s tight ass sends Tom over the edge and he pulls out his cock just in time to blast off a nice thick load of jizz. Palmer soon follows and gushes out his own healthy wad out onto his tone hard stomach. These two sure made for an awesome pairing that you just have to see!

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