May 14

Jag Jerks A Load From His Fat Dick

Does this blond stud look familiar to all of you? He should because in the past year he has been making his rounds to numerous gay porn sites. Last year he went by the name Forrest, in a hot scene showing his kickboxing skills before treating us with a cum drenching masturbation scenes. This week he is back going by the name Jag and putting on another fantastic self pleasuring solo video. Even though I have seen this blond hottie perform a few times I still haven’t tired of seeing him tug on that delicious mushroom head dick.

Here is what Straight Fraternity had to say about their new model Jag:

I decided to bring Jag back for another try. It’s been about two years since his last visit. I’m trying to get him to jack a guy while getting jacked himself, but he put me off again, saying maybe next one. Still, I enjoyed watching him stroke his fat dick with its big mushroom head.

Jag can be a pretty quiet guy, so I ask him if he’s had any sexscapades since I last saw him. At first he says no, but then he tells me about a group suck and fuck he had with four girls.

I get Jag out of all his clothes except his socks. He must have put on 20 pounds of muscle over the last two years. Jag takes off his socks, and I go in for some great close-ups of his feet.

Jag puts down his phone porn and jacks off for me. I swear he likes to be watched because his dick is rock hard and getting bigger. At last, he shoots his hot cream on his stomach and when most guys stop, he keeps on stroking.

Watch As Jag Blasts Out A Load On Straight Fraternity

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