Nov 15

One More Straight Guy Loses His Anal Virginity

Watch As Preston Loses His Man Cherry Here

Preston has been on my list of favorite new men on the Corbin Fisher site since he was introduced just a short time ago this year. During his first solo shoot Preston talked up his encounters with women. Well this time around he is gonna see what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a big hard dick. Lucky for him that amazing dick is attached to a guy to a beautiful 21 year old hunk by the named of Ethan. Ethan is the prefect choice to break in Preston’s nice plump virgin ass. As soon as he starts kisses Preston he  immediately responds and their cloths practically fly off their muscular bodies.

Ethan then makes his way down Preston’s amazing torso kissing and licking his the entire way down to his cock. He teases the tip of his dick with his tongue before enveloping his entire shaft with his cock hungry mouth as Preston moans with pleasure. Preston then pulls Ethan’s cock out to return the favor. Ethan grabs the back of his head and starts face fucking him with his long tool. They then move move into a 69 position and continue to ravage each others cocks. Ethan loves it, but he’s was ready for more and tells Preston to get on all fours.

First Ethan takes it slow and teases his virgin manhole with the tip on his shaft getting him ready for his full girth. Once Preston was warmed up Ethan started to let him have it and plows into his tight ass. Preston looks to be taking it like a real pro. and even starts jerking his own cock while getting  a hard ass fucking.  Ethan then gets Preston on his back with his legs in the air as he drills him even harder and deeper. The look on Preston’s face shows just how much he is loving this new position. Something tells me this once str8 boy might just be a new popular bottom on the site. Ethan continues to pound relentlessly away at his ass and before we know it he is spraying a huge load all over his chest and abs. After seeing Preston erupt Ethan can’t hole it any longer and immediately pulls out to unload his own thick load all over Preston’s cock and ballsack.

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