Sep 14

Pound That Straight Boy’s Ass

Download The Full Video Of Shane and Cameron

For todays post I have for you my blog readers some scenes from a breathtaking new video from Broke Straight Boys. Shane is paired up with newbie Cameron. Cameron just did his first oral porn shoot with Shane last week and the chemistry was pretty good between them. So this time around who better to take this straight boys anal virginity then Shane. Cameron is a little nervous and reluctant to do get fucked but with the offer of $$$$ and Shane’s promise to go slow at at first, he agrees to go for it.

The guys help each other out of their cloths and Cameron makes the first move leaning over to start kissing Shane. Cameron then makes his way down Shane’s lean smooth body all the way to his cock. Seconds later Cameron had all of Shane’s growing hard dick in his mouth. Cameron much have learned quickly because he had Shane moaning within minutes. The boys then position themselves into a 69 and get to work swallowing each others hard boners.

Now that they were both sporting nice hard boners both boys were ready to move things along. Shane laid back on the futon as Cameron climbed on and lower himself onto the hard cock. I was a little shocked that a first timer would choose such a aggressive fucking position. Within about ten tries Cameron was able to take all of Shane’s shaft inside his once virgin ass. He braced himself by holding onto Shane’s chest as Shane started pounding him harder and faster. The groans now coming from Cameron showed he was now starting to hurt a bit so they switched to the doggie style position. That was hard on Cameron’s newly fucked asshole also.

Cameron next tried laying on his back with his legs over Shane’s shoulders. Shane slowly pushed his way back inside Cameron and setting a gentle pace. This was a much better position for Cameron and he started wanking his own cock. Now that Shane could start pounding his ass at a steady pace he reached his climax quickly. Shane pulled out ripped off his condom and gushed a huge load all over Cameron. Cameron kept wanking and finally orgasmed firing off a nice load of cum that rivaled Shane’s.

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