Nov 17

A Real Manly Man

Jacob is a super sexy guy with a rugid manly attitude. To our delight he has a sense of adventure as well and sheds his clothes to reveal a nice piece of manly cock underneath those blue jeans.


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You wouldn’t think this straight looking all American guy would be open enough to pose naked, much less jerkoff in front of a few guys, but sure enough he’s a real sport who even claims that he’s bisexual.

He appears to have one of those cocks that pokes outward and easily offers a nice bulge without the help of tight accentuating underwear. Yet after further examination, we determined that his balls were the real culprit here. His balls are pretty big and round, lifting his lengthy cock to incredible proportions.

He suggested a location for his shoot that was outdoors and somewhat secluded. We took him up on the offer, especially after talking with him a bit and realizing that an outdoors shoot would fit really well with his macho camping-hunting look. The shoot speaks for itself.

Once back inside the room, he dresses down, takes a shower, shaves and kicks back on the bed for a long jerkoff session. At certain points in the video, he thrusts and fucks his fist like it’s a hot tight hole just begging to be fucked.